Complaints procedure

Our mission is to deliver beautiful photo books. Unfortunately this sometimes goes wrong

if this can be blamed on the production process or the delivery, we will do everything to remedy this. When sending photos of the problem and the issue relates to a defect in production, we will immediately send a replacement order, naturally at our expense.

If you have a complaint, please contact us via our support department at 

Our application always shows an example of the photo book as it will be printed. If you approve this example the photo book will be produced exactly this way. We will only support complaints where our production process or delivery network has been at fault.

Photos on a screen always look brighter than on paper. Keep this in mind. 
We cannot improve the poor quality of any photos supplied. Always try to send the highest possible quality. In our example we deliberately lower the quality so that bad photos stand out and we indicate this through a warning symbol on the image once uploaded.

We request that you always contact us via our support department via If we cannot find a solution, you can use the European online platform for dispute resolution .