Photos in my book are way too dark

Unfortunately, when printing a photo album, it often happens that the photos turn out to be darker than they are displayed on a screen. 
If we look at the photos, we see that the person or object stands against a bright background (snow, against the sun or clear sky) or in a (too) dark room. The photo is easy to see on a screen. This is due to the background lighting that is in the display. This backlight is not present on paper.

In the example you see a photo album with a dark photo, while on the screen, from the mobile, many more details are visible.

How can you prevent this?

When taking the photo you can play with the exposure:

  • Click on the object / person and you will see that the camera adjusts accordingly.
  • Also use the flash more often! On a clear day (if the distance is not too long), the flash helps illuminate the object / person.
  • Try to prevent bright backlight.

After taking the photo, you can also edit the photo:

  1. Go to the photos on your mobile and click on the photo.
  2. Make sure you keep the original! If possible, first make a copy and edit it.
  3. You get the option to edit / change the photo.
  4. Note that the photo is not too grainy.

If you use a separate app for editing, check whether the photo does not decrease in quality. Unfortunately, there are apps that think you can help and reduce the photos for you.