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Capture and share your student’s memories in simple to create, beautiful A4 photo books. By registering, you will be boosting not only school funds, but also supporting Founders4Schools at the same time.


Create any photo book between 30 and 50 pages for the same low price

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Your school earns from every book purchased by parents

How We Can Work Together

Create your School Photo Book

Create a year, team or class photo book. Each A4 photo book can be between 30 and 50 pages, containing up to 140 photos. 

Share with Parents

You can purchase the books in bulk at a reduced cost, or you can share the digital link with parents to purchase with a click of a button.


easyPhotobook donates 25% of the total basket value to your school, and a further 25% to Founders4Schools to support their work. That’s £4.75 per book for your school!


Promote the platform to parents so they can create their own A4 photo books. Each time a parent creates and orders a photo book for any reason, your school will still receive 25% from every purchase.

Our Mission

At easyPhotobook, we want to use everyone’s love of taking photos as a positive way to raise money for good causes. Our partnership with Founders4Schools means we can support two great causes at the same time, helping schools to raise valuable funds, and support Founders4Schools in the great work they do in preparing our young people for the world of work.

Treasure those school moments

During their school journey, your students create many special memories, new friendships, school trips and events, and even that famous school prom. A normal year book does not capture those individual moments in the same way. Creating photo books throughout their school journey will help those memories live on long after they leave.

It’s also for parents

Students don’t only create those special memories at school, they also create many more outside of school with families and loved ones. By promoting the platform to parents you are also encouraging them to capture their own treasured memories in a vibrant photo book, and they know they will not only be supporting your school, but also supporting Founders4Schools and the great work they do.

We only keep in touch with 1 in 10 of our school friends!

This is not meant to be a shocking or worrying statistic, but it does remind us that losing touch with school friends is enevitable, looking back at those happy times through the vibrant pages of a beautiful photo book, will stimulate those memories more than pointing friends out on a dusty old school photo. That photo of a hug with a friend, a DofE expedition or a group photo at prom night, your students will now remember those friends in a really unique and special way.

What could your school trip photo book look like?

There are so many reasons and opportunities to create a school photo book, we’ve picked just one as an example. Click the red play button to see a sample.

Inside, and

School Sports

Share with parents their child’s team sporting achievements through the season.

Prom Night

Definately an important milestone for any student – for many this is the last time they may be together as a group again.

DofE Expeditions

Child development and nurture is at the core of the DofE, parents can share in their child’s DofE journey.

… outside of school

Time With Loved Ones

Parents can use the photo book platform to create their own photo books for loved ones.

Family Holidays

With a typical family taking in excess of 300 photos during their holiday, encourage them to create a photo book.

Special Memories

We all love family events and capturing those unforgettable moments, those memories that can never be repeated.

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