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Step 1


We need to get some basic information from you so that we can register your school.

Click the link below to register now.

Step 2

Receive welcome information

Once your school is registered we will send you an email with your welcome information and your unique school donation code. 

Step 3

Create your photo book account

Once your school is registered and you have received your unique donation code, you can create your school photo book account. You can have more than one photo book account for your school, but we would recommend creating a generic account that can be used by authorised members of staff. All books created by your school will be securely held in this account for as long as you wish, and can be re-ordered or deleted at any point.

Click the link below to create your account.


Step 4

Start making photo books!

You can now start creating your school photo books. When you have created a photo book, you can choose to just complete and upload the photo book (Step 6 of the Creator), and not progress to the checkout. Once a photo book is uploaded, you can share the photo book URL with parents and invite them to purchase a copy through the “My Photo Books” tab.

If a photo book needs to be approved before being finalised, a ‘preview‘ link can be shared using the “Share Photo Book” button (Step 5 of the Creator). If changes are needed, simply go back to a previous step and make the required changes. 

Step 5

Ask parents to create their own photo books

Your school will be able to raise more money if you promote the photo book platform to parents. Each time they create and order a photo book, you receive a donation. By raising money through both school photo books and parent photo books, the money you receive could really start to make a difference.

To invite parents, all you need to do is:

1.Give them your unique donation code

2.Direct them to –

They can then create an account, upload their photos, and then enter your unique school code at the checkout.


Thank you
The easyPhotobook Team

Important Information

Additions to our standard Terms & Conditions for the ‘Offer’.
(1) easyPhotobook will pay a total of 50% commission from every sale to be split between the participating school and Founders4Schools.
(2) easyphotobook will issue a commission statement each quarter to participating schools, sent to the registered email address.
(3) easyPhotobook is responsible for payment of all commissions to participating schools paid quarterly by bank transfer.
(4) easyPhotobook can only pay commission on photo book purchases where a valid unique school code has been used.
(5) Where no valid school code is used, and the account is affiliated to Founders4Schools, easyPhotobook will pass the full 50% to Founders4Schools.
(6) easyPhotobook and Founders4Schools have entered into a Commercial Partnership Agreement (CPA) for the running and management of this offer.
(7) easyPhotobook reserve the right to make changes and improvements to the platform.
(8) easyPhotobook reserve the right to review the RRP inline with RPI increases.
(9) easyPhotobook reserve the right to run promotional campaigns to new and existing customers.

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