How do promotional codes work?

easyPhotobook has various offers and these almost always come with promotional codes or coupon codes. On the payment pages you have the option to enter your promotional or coupon code. After clicking on ‘Check code’ the code is checked. If this is known, you will see the promotion and you can complete the order. Only after payment is the code finally processed.


Use a promotion, but don’t need a photo album yet?

If you plan to make a photo album later, it is possible to purchase credit in advance – with the promotional code. You can use this credit later with an order. You can do this via the discount bundle page. You can access the discount bundles via the profile page.

Are you using the app? Click on Profile and click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Credit’. 
Do you use the online version? Click on ‘My account’ and click on ‘Add credit’ under ‘Credits’.