Invite others to view and order your photo book


Invite others to order your photo book!

Have you made a photo book for a group? Then this option is ideal. Everyone in the group can view your photo book, and if they like it, they can order it themselves. They pay directly to us and we deliver it directly to them. Could it be any easier?

Who is this ideal for?

  • Team or sports clubs
  • Group Travel
  • Music and sporting venues
  • School trips and events
  • Weddings
  • Family and children’s parties
  • .. and many more
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How does it work?

Go to or use the app, and log in. Click on ‘My photo books’ and click on ‘Order invitation’ next to the photo book. Choose whether you want to email directly or copy the link to share it with your group through any social media.

What does the group get to see?

When they open the link, they see your photo book and can browse through it. If they like it, they click on the ‘Order this photo book’ button. It’s as simple as that!

Can I earn money from this?

If you are not a company or charity, unfortunately that is not possible. If you are a company or charity and you want to sell photo books on a regular basis, please email us at