Support your PTA this year!

COVID-19 continues to make all our lives difficult, especially when it comes to our children’s schooling. Your PTA has the difficult job to still find ways to raise money during this time so they can continue to provide the extra money that is needed, not only during this pandemic, but when the schools return and able to organise those valuable trips, contribute to buying and upgrading computer and learning tools, all these things improve the chances our children have of being the best they can be. And this is where you can help!

We’ve all got so many photos on our phones, past family holidays, children’s parties and birthdays, and especially those times during lockdown. Why not create a beautiful A4 photo book for just £16.99 and we will donate 50% to your school PTA – it’s as simple as that. All you need to do is first locate your school PTA code here, and then come back here and click on that big button below, or read more on the next slides and at the end you can also view a sample!

Why a photo book?

We all love taking photos, but why do so many of our precious family moments get forgotten on our devices, printing them is the best way to relive those memories together.  There are 100’s of reasons to create a photo book, for grandparents we can’t see, a journey through lockdown, or just reliving a past family trip or holiday, but supporting your school PTA is definitely a great reason.

Is it good value?

With the code you pay only £16.99 and your school receives 50% from each book. NO hidden costs and NO delivery charge! And that’s not all, you can have a 30-50 page book for the same great price. We’re parents and we know about being time poor, and that’s why we made it simple and just one price, so helping your school PTA couldn’t be easier.

Is it good quality?

We built our system around the most popular format of book. What you will receive is a beautiful A4 bound book with a lovely glossy cover. The cover is high quality 350gsm laminated silk with the photo pages being high quality 170gsm. We print, manufacture and dispatch from our own factory in Kent, so you can be sure quality is always our top priority.